Cannes 68 Gregory von Haush President CEO Fort Lauderdale Film Festival 2

Gregory von Hausch
Ŕ President & CEO del "Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival" (FLIFF), una rassegna cinematografica tutta sui generis che si svolge in contemporanea in localitÓ diverse. Ascoltiamolo nell'intervista rilasciata a Mariangiola Castrovilli nel corso del 68░ Festival di Cannes.


The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) reels out over 200 films from around the globe. Filmmakers and celebrities attend many of the screenings and events during the festival. Parties and gatherings at area "hot spots", on board yachts, and on the beach will provide audiences an opportunity to hob knob with film talent and other movie buffs."

Mariangiola Castrovilli 68 Festival de Cannes


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